New Year Flower Purchase Guide: Unlock a Bouquet of Best Wishes
Foshan China 2024-02-07 15:24

Selecting new year flowers for decoration is an authentic activity to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Each type of flower represents different wishes for the year. What wishes do these flowers convey? And how to select the ones with best quality? Here is a guideline for you before heading to the flower market.

Butterfly orchid - Happiness fly towards you

Butterfly orchid in different colors convey distinct wishes. For instance, purple (or red) butterfly orchid represents that life will be prosperous. Yellow one symbolizes reputation and wealth and white one is used to praise the love and friendship.

Tip for purchase: Choose the one with more flowers, strong stem and greener leaves.

Tangerine - Good luck all year round

Tangerine, namely "桔", shares the same pronunciation as "吉(Luck in English)" in Cantonese. Hence, it conveys the good luck for the year. Additionally, its yellow fruit also delivers best wish for wealth.

Tip for purchase: Choose the one with more fruits, dense and greener leaves.

Peach flower - Meet your destined one

Peach flower is considered to be the must-have flower for single as its pinky color stands for romance.

Tip for purchase: The one with dense and bright buds, and smooth trunk is expected to embrace longer blossom.

Salix Caprea - Fortune coming with no stop

Salix Caprea, namely "银柳", shares the same pronunciation "银留" in Cantonese. "银 (silver in English)" is known as a symbol of wealth in Chinese culture. Combined with "留 (keep in English)" , Salix Caprea conveys the best wishes to have loads of fortune in the next year.

Tips for purchase: Choose the one with more brown buds.

Golden fruit - Five generations under the same roof

Golden fruit have multiple large fruits hanging on one single stem, which symbolized the best wish that the family will have five generations together.

Tip for purchase: Choose the one with shorter but strong stem, more plump and bright fruits.

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