Chancheng Luminous Dragon Dance Team Attends World Championships
Foshan China 2024-03-11 17:32

The Liantang Luminous Dragon Dance Team from Zhangcha Street, Chancheng District has participated in the 2024 World Luminous Dragon & Lion Dance Championship (Hong Kong), which ran from March 7th to the 11th.

In the past month, members of the Liantang Luminous Dragon Dance Team have practised the dancing techniques, creating some difficult moves based on an eight-shaped rotation.

Luminous Dragon, a form of dragon dance in the night, is an extremely visually appealing show that combines traditional dragon dance, modern technology, and lighting.

The dragon's body is painted with fluorescent pigment and illuminated by fluorescent lights. During the performance, all performers wear black clothes, making the colourful dragon visible only to the audience.

Chen Huaxing, a member of the Liantang Luminous Team, explained that the core team was formed before the New Year and they made full use of the nighttime for training. Although the members have rich experience in dragon dance, this is their first time participating in the World Luminous Dragon & Lion Dance Championship. Besides, Chen believes that high coordination and flexibility are essential for the luminous lion dance.

"In this competition, we hope to let every audience member fully experience the spirit of Chancheng and the charm of Foshan, and to promote the "Chinese Dragon and Lion Sports Demonstrate Street." Chen Huaxing said.

In 2023, the Liantang Luminous Dragon Dance Team won the gold medal at the China Dragon and Lion Dance Championship (Chancheng, Foshan) and Zhangcha Street was rewarded with the first "China Dragon and Lion Dance Sports Demonstration Street" plaque.

As a demonstration unit of Chinese dragon and lion dance sports, Chancheng's Zhangcha has strove to inheriting Chinese traditional sports culture and promoting dragon and lion dance sports, particularly in schools, villages and relevant industries, etc. It aims to establish the brand of dragon and lion dance competition, develop relevant industry, cultivate more talents, and promote the name of dragon and lion dance.

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