Foshan Athletes Shine at the Asian Youth Championships
2024-07-09 11:12

On July 6, the 2024 Asian Youth Table Tennis Championships concluded in Chongqing. The Chinese team clinched 4 more titles on the final day, wrapping up the competition with a total of 10 gold medals.

Two athletes from Foshan Sports School, Zong Geman and Huang Xunan, stood out with their exceptional performances. Zong Geman secured four championships in team, women's singles, women's doubles, and mixed doubles. Huang Xunan earned a silver medal in men's doubles. Their achievements brought honor to both themselves and the Chinese team.

The Asian Youth Table Tennis Championships gathered top young players from various countries and regions across Asia, showcasing high-level skills and fierce competition. As a member of the Chinese team, Zong Geman demonstrated extraordinary strength and resilience. Along with her teammates, Zong easily won the U19 women's team final with a 3-0 victory, and then dominated the individual events, winning consecutive golds.

Zong Geman

Notably, in the U19 women's singles final, Zong and her national teammate Wang Xiaonan, which was the competitor in this match, delivered a thrilling seven-set match, with Zong ultimately winning 4-3. In mixed doubles, Zong Geman and her partner cooperated flawlessly, reaching the top of the podium once again. Achieving the "quadruple crown" is a remarkable feat, as the last athlete accomplished is Sun Yingsha in 2017.

Huang Xunan (on the right)

Huang Xunan also showed outstanding performance in the men's doubles event. He and his partner, Sun Yang, advanced to the finals and secured the silver medal. Huang's skills and tenacity were impressive, enhancing his personal career and contributing significantly to China's medal tally.

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