4 Foshan enterprises honored on the Forbes Global 2000 List
Foshan China 2022-05-19 09:32

On the the Forbes Global 2000 this year, 399 China-based companies have won places on the list. Among them all, there are 46 enterprises from 8 major cities in Guangdong Province. With 25 entering the list this year, Shenzhen, a soaring global sci-tech hub, outnumbers all the other cities, second to Guangzhou. Foshan takes over the third place in the province, which gives immeasurable credits to 4 strong brands, ranking the first among all prefecture-level cities nationwide.


Midea headquarter in Shunde


The list calculates financial data from the past 12 months, until April 22, 2022, by means of sales, profits, assets, and market prices. Altogether, enterprises on the list have registered $47.6 trillion in revenue, $233.7 trillion in assets and $76.5 trillion in market prices.


Country Garden innovates with intelligent restaurant for Olympic food service


Midea Group, headquartered in Shunde, ranks the 217th, as followed by Country Garden, which ranks the 254th. The other two are Haitian Flavor, winning the 1151st place, and Midea Real Estate, makes its way to the 1264th. Among all 5 Chinese home appliance brands on the list, Midea Group earns the highest ranking this year.


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