New progress for the pre-made Cantonese food in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-05-25 09:26

New progress has been made on the pre-made Cantonese food in Shunde. In recent days, “Six One” Project Implementation Plan was put forward to promote the construction of the whole industry chain of pre-made Cantonese food, and a national demonstration kitchen for pre-made Cantonese food will be established to provide strong support for Shunde rural revitalization.


The “Six One” Project Implementation Plan includes introducing a set of policies to support the development of pre-made Cantonese food, building a pre-made Cantonese food industrial park, establishing a pre-made Cantonese food industry development fund, holding a pre-made Cantonese food industry conference, building a pre-made Cantonese food R&D and talent training base, and establishing a pre-made Cantonese food industry federation. 



Pre-made Cantonese food generally refers to a variety of food materials with auxiliary ingredients being processed into finished or semi-finished dishes, which can be eaten after simple cooking. In the past one or two years, many Shunde enterprises seize the opportunity and try their best to build the top brands for Pre-made Cantonese food industry. "Made in Shunde" pre-made Cantonese food also appeared on the menu of "Tianzi Wharf" at Guangzhou Pearl River night tour spot. Some enterprises have also become one of the top ten leading enterprises of Pre-made Cantonese food in Guangdong Province.


According to the plan, based on 100 square meters of freshwater fish breeding base and an annual output of more than 30 0,000 tons of raw material resource, Shunde will introduce eels, Largemouth Bass, black fish and grass carp into the Pre-made Cantonese food. Shunde, taking advantage of the brand -- the City of Gastronomy, will make full use of the opportunities brought by RCEP and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Cooperation Zone, to build a foreign trade platform for Pre-made Cantonese food.



Data shows that Shunde is one of the important bases of aquatic products in China, with black fish’s annual output accounting for 20% in the country, eels annual output accounting for 30% in the country, which will provide high quality materials for Shunde pre-made Cantonese food.


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