Foshan mandates 100% coverage of charging facilities in residentials
Foshan China 2022-06-16 12:03

On June 13, Foshan issued a notice on further strengthening the planning of Constructing Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities on New Projects.


Department of Natural Resources proposed a new policy that when newly built community or large public building issued relevant project construction and planning permit, they should clearly put forward the proportion of charging facilities in the parking lot for each project, ensuring that the proportion of charging facilities should be implemented in the planning stage.

In the formulation stage of technical control and land resources, Departments of Urban and Rural Housing Construction should clarify the management requirements of electric vehicle charging facilities and incorporate them into the list of land resources.


Requirements of charging facilities for new projects:


Parking spaces in new residential should be 100% equipped with charging facilities or ensure construction and installation conditions


Parking lots and parking garages for new public buildings such as office buildings, shopping malls and hotels shall be equipped with charging piles or reserve changing facilities interfaces at no less than 20% of the total parking space.


New public parking lots and new in-road charging parking spaces will be equipped with charging piles at no less than 30% of the total space.



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