Chancheng releases tons of handy service to citizens
Foshan China 2022-08-16 09:31

On August 13th, located in Chancheng, Fengshou Street, the service supermarket of “Nan Yue Housekeeping” program was put into operation. As another milestone of the program, this is additional handy service after the launch of Chancheng Housekeeping Map on August 12th.



The service supermarket is one collaborative project supported by municipal government, Chancheng district and relevant town. It occupies 400 square meters, which has incorporated three main segments, including the communication areas for comprehensive service platforms and companies, and the exploration area. 11 housekeeping companies have settled in the supermarket, providing infant care, medical care, housecleaning etc.




Nowadays, Chancheng has made extensive effort in completing four key projects of “Nan Yue Housekeeping” program. The four projects are known as: one map for the city, one monthly event, one feature for each town, one known brand for the industry.


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