Foshan High-tech Zone creates an environment for talents and innovation
Foshan China 2022-09-28 11:15

The first Foshan Entrepreneur Day and Foshan Talents Day fall on September 27 this year. On this day, the talent apartment groundbreaking ceremony and the launching ceremony of inviting high-level talents were held in Foshan talent innovation Lighthouse Industrial Park. This means that, with the Lighthouse Industrial Park as support, Foshan has taken another leap forward in building nests and attracting phoenixes.



This year in July, Foshan proposed to build ten high-level innovation-driven manufacturing parks, in a bid to promote a high-end manufacturing industry. The lighthouse industrial park is one of them.



Living in contentment is the basis for working well. By promoting the construction of key projects represented by the talent apartment in the park, Foshan High-tech Zone is continuously enhancing the attraction of the Lighthouse Industrial Park, helping Foshan to build a first-class business environment and create a place of talent and innovation.



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