Bingyu Hall in Jun’an Shunde selected as Intl Cultural Exchange Base
Foshan China 2022-10-11 14:16

Recently, the China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese released the 10th batch of “Returned Overseas Chinese International Cultural Exchange Base”, Bingyu Hall of Bachelor Girl in Junan Town, Shunde was selected, which is the only base selected in Foshan.




Crowned as “The Hometown of Bruce Lee”, “Well-known Cowboy Clothing Town in China” and “Hometown of Chinese Folk Vocal Art”, Junan Town has many provincial cultural relics protection units like Bingyu Hall of Bachelor Girl. The spirit of self-reliance, self-improvement, self-esteem and self-confidence characterized by the bachelor girls became the core of Jun’an culture.



Located at the foot of Heling Mountain in Shatou Community, Jun’an Town, Bingyu Hall is also called Heling Jingan House. Built in 1950, Bingyu Hall is founded by more than 400 expatriate bachelor girls living in Singapore and over 100 Jun’an local bachelor girls. It is the home of overseas Chinese sisters in Shunde, implying the integrity and purity of the women.


The exhibition hall of Bingyu Hall consists of entrance hall, courtyard, front hall and Bingyu hall. With a construction area of about 1,228 square meters, Bingyu Hall has a two-story main building featured in brick and wood structure. On the first and second floors of the exhibition hall, there are all kinds of articles, documents and pictures related to the living life of bachelor girls, making it an important place to display overseas Chinese culture.





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