Monalisa: Build a benchmark for digital and intelligent transformation to boost the upgrading of China’s ceramics industry
Foshan China 2022-11-10 18:39

Step into the Monalisa intelligent demonstration workshop, right in front of us are the busy machines and automated production lines. You would be amazed that managers can check all the information of a product with a smartphone, and the data of each production line is accurately presented on the electronic monitor at the intelligent and digital manufacturing center.

All these are credited to the great efforts that Monolisa made on the digital transformation project in 2021. Currently, the manufacturing industry is facing great pressure and challenges. Monalisa firmly adheres to the Sci-tech Innovation Strategy, advocates green production, and grabs the development opportunities of digital industrialization. Monalisa has demonstrated its solution of "how to break through as a manufacturing enterprise" with practical actions.

Digital intelligence demonstration workshop in Monalisa

Promote digital transformation by taking “Lighthouse Factory” as a standard

“The Report to 20th CPC National Congress mentioned, ‘continue to focus on the real economy and promote new industrialization.’ This makes us even more determined to put into more efforts on the new ceramic track,” Zhang Qikang, Chairman and Secretary of the Board of Monalisa said. Driven by Foshan's urban development strategy, Monalisa grabbed the main line of “Intelligent Manufacturing + Internet” during the process of industry upgrading and explored a characteristic path of digital transformation.

Introduced by Zhang Qikang, in 2020, Monalisa has successfully launched the first 1.0 version digital intelligent production workshop in ceramics industry. Nowadays, Monalisa has become a benchmark for the digital and intelligent transformation in the industry. Recently, the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Foshan announced the list of "2022 Foshan Digital Intelligent Demonstration Factory", among which Monalisa won the title of "First-level Digital Intelligent Demonstration Factory" and received a support and reward fund of 20 million yuan.

Production line data shown on the electronic monitor at the intelligent and digital manufacturing center

"The Report to 20th CPC National Congress mentioned, ‘accelerate the building of a strong manufacturing and digital China'. It also gives us a great motivation. Foshan is a giant manufacturing city, and its achievements in digital reform in recent years have provided an advanced model for digital China." Zhang Qikang said. In the next five years, Monalisa will take the “Lighthouse Factory” of Midea Group as a standard, and invest 300 million to 500 million yuan to build a demonstration enterprise of digital and intelligent transformation in the ceramics industry.

Adhere to technological innovation and low-carbon sustainable development

In recent years, Monalisa has adopted new technologies such as circular economy, energy conservation and environmental protection to achieve sustainable growth and opened up a new chapter of high-quality development. “Innovation is the premise for implementing the concept of green development." Zhang Qikang said.

Monalisa actively uses digital technology to monitor and manage energy, resources and pollution emissions, upgrade the production lines with green technology, and innovate green products to promote the iteration of the industry. From implementing the 1.0 version of ceramic flue gas one-stop purification technology to the integration of a variety one-stop purification technology, Monalisa has introduced multiple measures to lower the emission of ceramic flue gas.

“Saving, efficiency improvement and carbon reduction are what Monalisa has been doing. By strengthening the application of green and low-carbon technology, Monalisa is seizing the opportunity of energy transformation and upgrading.” Zhang Qikang said. In the future, Monalisa will continue to upgrade its technology, and replicate its environmental protection model to the domestic ceramic production bases, boosting the transformation and upgrading of Chinese ceramics industries.

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