Keda Industrial Group: innovation empowers global presence
Foshan China 2022-11-22 18:41

China's first edge grinding machine, China's first polishing machine, China's first large-tonnage press, "magic" fabric system, large scale production line of ceramics panel...These brilliant achievements indicate that Keda Industrial Group has been persisting in innovation in recent years.

In 30 years of innovative development, how does Keda Industrial Group gradually grow into a leading ceramic machineray enterprise in China and even the world? The answer is to continuously develop through globalization and diversification, and improve its innovation capacity through attracting talents.

Strive to expand international market     

Keda production workshop equipped with digital equipment.

In the southwest of Kenya, Africa, a blue-roofed factory stands on the Grassland, which is the sixth factories in Arica established by Keda Industrial Group. Zhou Peng, Vice President of Keda Industrial Group, introduced that in addition to building factories in Africa, in recent years, it has also set up subsidiaries in India and Turkey, completely took over Italian pottery machine enterprise Welko and converted it into an European subsidiary.

The Report to 20th CPC National Congress mentioned, "Promoting high-standard opening up. We will leverage the strengths of China's enormous market, attract global resources and production factors with our strong domestic economy, and amplify the interplay between domestic and international markets and resources. This will position us to improve the level and quality of trade and investment cooperation.""Nowadays, apart from building factories in different countries, Keda also implemented a excellent oversea sales and service system based on its increasingly strong local team and rich manufacturing experience." Zhou Peng, vice president of Keda said, Keda has firmly practiced the globalization strategy and expanded to multiple oversea markets. In the future, Keda will constantly integrate new resources, explore new markets and enhance competitiveness through win-win cooperation, and eventually develop into an influential international enterprise.

After years of global development, Keda products have been sold to more than 60 countries and regions, and gained worldwide recognition. In the future, Keda will take "making the brand ceramic machinery in the world" as the strategic vision, realize the goal of "leading technology, biggest market share, and first choice of global customers", and continue to make the ceramic machinery business larger and stronger.

Innovation empowers more technological breakthroughs

Zhou Peng states that, as the top ceramic machinery enterprise in China, the word "innovation" has been carrying forward through Keda's development. Recently at the Tecnargilla International Ceramic Technology Exhibition in Italy, Keda Industrial Group presented the second generation of CNC intelligent edge grinding machine, which was the first time that Keda's products directly competing with Italian ones. .

Keda employees are operating intelligent devices

There are several innovative technologies adopted in this machine, such as using a new generation of platform architecture. It is designed with auto width adjustment, and one-press switch, which could manufacture products with different specifications in one step. Additionally, it has incorporated high-performance control system, providing strong support for the construction of intelligent grinding workshop in the ceramic factory.

The Report to 20th CPC National Congress mentioned, we must regard science and technology as our primary productive force, talent as our primary resource, and innovation as our primary driver of growth. Talent is a significant factor for Keda's success. Not long ago, Keda issued a "talent seeking notice", releasing a strong signal of recruiting talents. Zhou Peng said that Keda will implement the national strategic goal of strengthening manufacturing industry, and vigorously promote the innovation and development of enterprises supported by talents. In the future, Keda will focus on ceramic machinery, oversea building materials and lithium materials and equipment, aiming to become the top three in the ceramic machine industry and contribute to the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry.

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