A voluntary city built in Chancheng
Foshan China 2022-12-07 17:40

In the places like hospitals, stations, government service halls, volunteers in yellow or red vests can be seen making their own contributions to the city.

December 5 is the International Volunteer Day. By the end of November, 23,200 volunteer activities have been carried out in 2022 in Chancheng, with a cumulative service time of 1,100,300 hours. These statistics show the selfless contribution of 860 volunteer organizations and groups,192,700 registered volunteers.

Now more than 250 volunteer stations were set up in Chancheng District, which were positioned at public cultural facilities, scenic spots, train stations, hospitals, communities and other places. Taking the actual needs of people into consideration, each volunteer station provides services such as poverty alleviation and assistance, respect for the elderly and assistance to the disabled and consultation service.

"As a volunteer, we need to spread the positive spirit by doing voluntary work and bring more positive energy to this city," volunteer Li Zudi said.

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