Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City: Build a high-quality city with prime resource
Foshan China 2022-12-12 10:01

The fully operation of Nanhai Tram Line 1, completion of Macau City, new progress on Schools... Recently, several key projects in Sanlongwan Sci-tech City (hereinafter referred to as “Sanlongwan”) have achieved remarkable breakthroughs.

Sanlongwan Sci-tech City

After several years of development, Sanlongwan has updated the public infrastructure, improved the living environment, gathered innovative resources, and fostered the international collaboration. It gradually shows a trend of integrated development between industry and city.

Transportation improvement: stimulate urban vitality

Recently, Nanhai Tram Line 1 (Sanshan New City North - Linyue East) came into operation. Passengers have the direct access to Foshan Metro Line 2 at Linyue West Station, which is 2 stops away from Guangzhou South Railway Station.

Since the complete operation, Sanlongwan then has better connection with Guangzhou. Notably, Jihua Laboratory, one of the key technology center in Sanlongwan, is located at this tram line. The advantages in geographic location and transportation will help Sanlongwan attract more talents.

It is believed that transportation is one essential component of public infrastructure. In the past few years, Sanlongwan has been following a fast pace in road construction. The transportation network in Sanlongwan and nearby areas has broken the barrier of cross-district travel.

Next, a group of road constructions will be carried out, including the Ring Island North Road, Pingshun East Road, etc.

Apart from the progress in transportation, the completion of Macau City has drawn public attention. With a land of over 48 thousand square meters, Macau City is made up of two sectors: Portuguese (Macau) style commercial street and international residence. According to the scheme, vast commercial activities will be introduced, including retail shops, Portuguese catering, cultural and creative products, etc. The project is expected to operate by mid 2023.

In the future, integrated with nearby commercial projects like Florentia Village, Hong Kong City, Macau City will provide various entertainments to citizens, further enhancing the urban vitality in Sanlongwan.

Additionally, some mega projects of service industry has accelerated the construction. Among them, Foshan International Financial Center is one outstanding project. With a height of 318 meters, it aims to build one super-high ecological complex, as well as one regional financial center.

Medicare development: provide solid support

High quality education and medicare are considered as two important factors for talent introductions.

As for educational facilities, according to the scheme, there will be two additional schools built, known as Foshan New City Compulsory Education Primary School and Foshan No.1 High School Shunde Campus.

Foshan New City Compulsory Education Primary School will provide 72 classes, overall 3,240 student capacity. It is currently undergone construction, which is estimated to open on September 2023.

Foshan No.1 High School Shunde Campus will provide 102 classes, overall 5100 student capacity. Once the design is confirmed, the construction will start from 2023. Meanwhile, one junior high school with 54 classes, 2700 students is listed on the blueprint.

As these schools are put into operation, the deficiency of educational resources in Foshan New City will be mostly solved.

Regarding medicare facilities, First People's Hospital of Foshan (Sanlongwan Branch) and Heyou International Hospital are two ongoing projects. First People's Hospital of Foshan will become one integrated international general hospital with medical treatment, research and development, education and technology conversion.

In terms of Heyou International Hospital, the project has capped on November 13, and it is expected to be operated on June 2024.

Service Upgradation: boost enterprises' growth 

The improvements in transportation, medicare, education have laid down the solid foundation for Sanlongwan. Meanwhile, it has enhanced the governmental service to better boost enterprises' growth.

On November 17, Shunde Financial and Judicial Cooperative Governance Center was launched in Foshan New City, which is the first center in Guangdong province.

Afterwards, around 110 judicial officers will settle down in this center, providing convenient service to financial institutions and enterprises.

Through the integration of multiples functionalities, it will significantly reduce the duration and lower the cost of litigation, eventually building one friendly, service-oriented and citizen-oriented financial dispute resolution service platform.

The Supporting Measure of Foshan Sino-German Industrial Services Zone (Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City) Enhancing Sino-German Industrial Industrial Cooperation released lately has successfully caught the attention of international investors.

Commented by the Pan Dongsheng, the Director of the Administrative Committee of Sanlongwan, the committee will better utilize the resources, provide diligent and kindly service, striving to assist companies in seizing the development opportunities. Additionally, they suggest companies actively communicating with the government, in terms of their requirements and feedback, hence, contributing to the development of Foshan.

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