Nanhai investments exceed hundreds of billion in 2022
Foshan China 2022-12-13 21:59

On December 9, released by Nanhai Investment Promotion Bureau, from January to November, Nanhai has achieved an investment of over 100 billion yuan for the first time ever, exceeding the annual target for 2022.

High quality growth, 122 signed industrial projects

In 2021, Nanhai has introduced 107 projects with an investment of more than 10 billion yuan, with an overall planned investment of over 90 billion yuan. In comparison, the target of 2022 is set to exceed 100 billion yuan.

According to the data, from January to November, Nanhai has already introduced 122 projects above 10 billion yuan, with a total investment of 100 billion yuan. 100 of them are projects from the secondary industry, weighting 90% of the total amount.

Remarkably, there are 15 key industrial projects of 1 billion yuan, 5 projects exceeding 5 billion yuan, and 3 projects reaching 10 billion yuan.

Enhance the advantages of industrial clusters

In 2022, in addition to the effort in investment promotion, Nanhai provides industrial land of 4 square kilometers.

Based on the district’s industrial planning, there are 32 key industrial clusters scheduled in Nanhai. Each cluster will have its own development direction. For instance, advanced manufacturing industry, digital information and biomedicine would be the leading industries in the middle area.

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