Foshan teams up with CNU to start a new quality school
Foshan China 2022-12-20 22:12

On December 17th, Capital Normal University has partnered up with Chencun Town Government, Shunde in a new school project. Located in Tanzhou, Sanlongwan, the school, once called Sanlongwan School of Nine-year Compulsory Education, has now announced as Shunde School of Capital Normal University (hereinafter referred to as "the school"). The cooperation project marks a fundamental leap forward for local education, as the school will be introduced with top resources from Capital Normal University. The school is scheduled to open next September.

Through this in-depth cooperation with Capital Normal University, Chencun seeks to introduce first-tier management model, educational concept and system. The school will, more importantly, feature a top notched faculty from Beijing, as for one subject there will be at least 1 professional teaching staff member from Beijing, and for each subject in a grade there will be at least 2 core teaching and research sessions, along with some other treatments.

On top of the introduction of educational resources, the school will also be built into the first R&D base of Children and Future Education of Capital Normal University in Guangdong Province. Conceptually, the school is built upon ecology, life, life and growth. It follows the natural course of children's growth, and seeks to empower every kid to learn and live in harmony and health.

"Shunde puts education high on its agenda. It is impressive to see how much we care and how much we are dedicated to education here in Shunde." commented by Fang Fuquan, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the President of Capital Normal University. According to him, Capital Normal University has buckled down to going on a journey with Chencun, Shunde, in a joint effort to build a school that supports the all-rounded growth of a child, which stands out with its professional faculty and draws positive social feedback.

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