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Foshan China 2022-10-16 18:19

In the harvest season in October, Foshan Media Group and Foshan News Network launched a special series of micro stories.


Based on 10 real cases of Foshan focusing on high-quality development, reform and opening up, rural revitalization, innovation and entrepreneurship etc., these stories have witnessed a revolution of Foshans new development philosophy.


Chen Lizhi (a pseudonym), from Sichuan Province, is one of a million migrant workers. He comes all the way to Foshan, and works at the assembly line for a furniture factory in Foshan. One day, in the process of quality inspection, he found that the products had defects, so he proposed to rework them, which was unexpectedly challenged. 

Despite this, Chen Lizhi and his team worked overtime without complaint to help the workers to rework the defective products, and finally completed the order on time and with quality. Therefore, Chen Lizhi  gained the belief of the workers.




His dream to create craftsmanship in products was never crushed down despite his humble background. From time to time, he was questioned, mistrusted, and sometimes misunderstood. He just kept the belief to work hard and look for chances of training until someday he became a master in manufacturing, winning respect and recognition of the people and the time.


Cheng Zubin is working


Living and working in Foshan, a manufacturing city that champions a spirit of craftsmanship, Chen also kept to his belief, leading his team to learn the latest intelligent manufacturing. He emphasized to every single one in the factory that a workerwho's subject to industrial changescan actually adapt as long as they want to learn. Thanks to his support all the way through, the factory underwent a successful digital transformation.


This story of Chen Lizhi is based on the true experienceof Cheng Zubin who is a production-line worker. During the past ten years, with his conviction, Cheng has been honored as a "City Craftsman" by the Foshan Government, and even becamea delegate to the 19th National Congress of the CPC. 


Cheng Zubin (left 3) instructed the quality inspector on how to  check the product quality



All his achievenments can be concluded in one word - "belief". It's not just his belief in himself, but also the country and the time he lives in. One important message he wants to convey to all migrant workers is that once you have faith you will have more strength as you march forward.



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