Short videos boost development of houseware company
CCPIT Foshan, CCOIC Foshan 2022-11-14 11:58

Cross-border e-commerce, transformation, digitalization and short videos are what Tu Wenjie has thought about in 2022. He is the manager of the International marketing center of Guangdong Sunrise Houseware Corp.Ltd. With 18 years'experience in foreign trade, he has been working in the houseware industry for 16 years and witnessed the development of non-stick cookware in China.

Foshan is the pioneer of iron wok while Guangdong Sunrise is the leading enterprise of non-stick woks and baking sheets. Its iron non-stick cookware has occupied the top position of China's similar export products for a long time. At present, digital transformation and cross-border e-commerce will give the company another opportunity to leap forward. Tu Wenjie grasped the opportunity and took good advantage of short videos to boost the development of the company. Now let's see how he made it.