Connection to build between two iconic attractions in Shunde
Foshan China 2023-08-18 16:23

Guipanhai Flyover Project, which connects Shunfeng Mountain Park and Shunde OCT Harbour Plus, will start construction at the end of 2023. Once completed, the direct distance between the two attractions will be shortened to 300 meters, which will be convenient for visitors to travel in between. 

The whole project consists of three phases: Guipanhai River modification, river conjunction and environment upgradation in nearby areas.

In November, the construction for Guipanhai River modification and West Bridge will start. Further progress will be subject to construction conditions.

Travel advice during first-phase construction:

Temporary closure is emplaced on lanes of Shunfeng Mountain Park and greenery park east to Bigui Road. There will be 10-meterwide pedestrian lanes remained in Shunfeng Mountain Park, and temporary path available at Bigui Road.

During the construction, all plants will be moved to other places and restored once finished. To ensure a decent environment, fences and watering will be introduced to mitigate the dust.

In the future, Shunde OCT Harbour Plus will jointly collaborate with Shunfeng Mountain Park in creating national 5A tourist attractions, making Shunde a popular place for visit.

Reporter | Eddie

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Photo |  Guangdong Shunjian Planning Design Institute Co., LTD