Junan jeans lead new fashion trends in Fashion SZ Show
Foshan China 2021-08-06 09:49


From July 30 to August 1, 2021 Fashion SZ Show was held in Shenzhen. During this important annual event celebrated in Chinas fashion industry, 14 local fashion brands from Junan, Shunde were placed at the center of spotlights, thanks to active promotion by Peoples Government of Junan Town and Shunde Textile and Clothing Association.


Shenzhen Fashion Exhibition, China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Brand Fair in full name, serves as a professional fashion trading platform. After publicity was given to jean products made in Junan Town, more market potential will be tapped for the area. Jean products made in Junan, Shunde undertook a large deal of exhibition area this year. There are over 200 square meters reserved for a mature industrial cluster that consists of 14 brands. Apart from that, there have added a static display area where attendants can enjoy designs at "Junan Cowboy Cup", National College Student Jeans Design Contest, a jean-themed fashion show,  and the 2021 Business Conference for Junan Jeans Industrial Cluster. This show this year added up to a one-stop industry featuring clothing design, manufacturing, and garment washing.


The host also invited 32 domestic fashion brands in China, including EACHWAY, DDCAT, SEPTWOLVES, LILANZ, K-Boxing, and Peacebird Group, to join enterprises from Junan on a business talk, which bred exciting opportunities for local manufacturers in Junan.


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