Tanzhou convention and exhibition action plan released
Foshan China 2022-02-21 14:35

On February 16, the Administrative Commission of Sanlongwan held a news briefing to announce the 5 aspects, 15 objectives and 30 measures of the development of the convention and exhibition industry in Foshan. 


Foshan Tanzhou Convention and Exhibition Center


Becoming a leading force in industrial convention and exhibition with 30 measures  


The action plan announced on February 16 includes 5 major aspects, namely "Focus on industrial exhibitions", "Serve the high-quality development of real economy", "Shape the new form of conventional and exhibition plus development", "Create a first-class business environment for exhibition", "Integrate into the synergistic development of the Greater Bay Area and enhance international competitiveness". The 5 aspects contain 15 objectives and 30 main measures.  


The original aspiration and mission of Foshan Tanzhou Convention and Exhibition Center are to promote industry and to develop the city through exhibition. According to the action plan, the exhibiting industry is to serve the high-quality development of real economy, fully function as an exhibition service industry, provide Foshan enterprises with exhibition, communication and information sharing platform, and promote Foshan industrial upgrading. At the same time, multiform investment promotion activities will be carried out through exhibitions to tap and attract talents to settle in Foshan, achieving the goal of promoting production, consumption, investment and talent gathering through exhibitions. 


The action plan also proposed to promote the synergistic linkage of exhibitions in the Greater Bay Area, enhance the level of internationalization of Foshan’s industrial exhibition, promote healthy competition of “one exhibition in many cities” and “multi-city exhibition” among other cities within the area, introduce more international exhibitions, strengthen the cooperation with qualified global exhibition platforms or projects and give full play to the advantages of Sino-German Industrial Service Zone and Sino-german Industrial City Alliance.  


Six strategies to discover development patterns for Tanzhou Industrial Exhibition 


In recent years, Tanzhou Exhibition has built “Convention and Exhibition Plus” ecosystem with multiple industries integrated. On one hand, focusing on strengthening and reinforcing the chain of the exhibition industry chain, it attracts leading exhibition host enterprises and supporting service enterprises to settle in, improves the exhibition industry chain. On the other hand, cross-border composite new business format will be built through “Exhibition Plus” competition, study, culture and tourism. 


In addition, by promoting production, Tanzhou Exhibition has empowered the development of upstream and downstream enterprises of Foshan industry, and given full play to the role of exhibition service industry upgrading and high-quality development of Foshan substantial economy. 


Entering the first echelon of prefecture-level city convention and exhibition industry development by promoting production 


Liu Songping, president of Guangdong Fairs Organizers Association, thought that Foshan built industrial exhibition in a unique way. The strategy is to bring together resource of good quality, including corresponding industry chain, industry information, technology, talents and products, and attract innovation elements to flow west by industrial exhibition. Through continuously gathering innovative resource, it will promote Sanlongwan to better play its role as an innovation hub and encourage Foshan to fully participate in the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. 


Since the pavilion opened in 2016, with an area of over 3.5 million square meters, Tanzhou Convention and Exhibition Center has held nearly 270 exhibitions and received more than 4.2 million professional visitors, promoting Foshan convention and exhibition industry to enter the first echelon of prefecture-level city convention and exhibition industry development. 


Authors | Natalie (intern), Lillian (intern) 

Revisor | Eleanor

Photo | Foshan Daily