38th Foshan Ceramics Expo kicks off in Chancheng District
Foshan China 2023-04-20 18:10

On April 18, the 38th China International Ceramic and Bathroom Fair, Foshan (hereafter referred to as "the Foshan Ceramics Expo") was officially opened. The exhibition was held simultaneously at the China Ceramic City, the China Ceramics Headquarters and the Foshan International Convention and Exhibition Center. On the first day of opening, Bai Tao, Mayor of Foshan, also went to the exhibition site to inspect enterprises and the overall develipment of the industry.

More than 800 enterprises participated in the 38th Foshan Ceramics Expo with eight theme exhibition areas, including high-end brands area, imported ceramics area, innovation park, category pioneer area, slate finished product and auxiliary materials area, new brands area, beauty sewing area, and characteristic boutique area.

In 2022, Foshan's total industrial output value reached 2.87 trillion-yuan, ranking 5th in the country, and with ceramic industry as the backbone of it. Foshan Chancheng, known as the "Southern China Ceramics Capital", always strives to be the strongest center of the industry. Li Jianrong, Deputy Mayor of Chancheng, said that Chancheng will continue to build the Foshan Ceramics Expo as an international platform to gather merchants from all over the world with a first-class business environment, and let them invest in Foshan with confidence.

Wang Lei, Deputy Secretary-general of Foshan, also commented that Foshan's pillar industries, such as ceramics, home appliances, furniture, are important media for the world to know about Foshan. He hoped that Foshan Ceramics Expo could be boldly innovate and continue to play the role of high-end business platform, therefore empowering the transformation and further development of related industries.

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