Foshan (Nanzhuang) Auto Fair concluded with eye-catching achievement
Foshan China 2023-05-05 17:40

On May 2, the four-day 2023 Foshan (Nanzhuang) Auto Fair successfully concluded. According to statistics, as of May 2, over 900 cars were sold on the event site, with turnover exceeding 140 million yuan.

Hosted by Foshan News and Media Center, this year's Auto Fair attracted nearly 40 auto brands to attend, with more than 30 newly launched cars in 2023. To further stimulate the vitality of consumption, the Nanzhuang Government specially offered purchase subsidy with a total of 3 million yuan during the event, and at the same time, the major brands participating in the fair also provided sales promotion.

Mr. Li, a fan of Foshan Media's radio "FM92.4", wanted to buy a new car recently. When he heard that there would be discount at the Nanzhuang Auto Fair, he came immediately and successfully bought his dream car at competitive price.

The activities of this year's Auto Fair were also very eye-catching. A Foshan convergent media livestreaming studio was set up on the fair site, with famous hosts and reporters being citizens' consultants in car purchase for four days. Additionally, from April 29 to 30, two night sessions were added, when Foshan Media's broadcasters intimately interacted with the audience.

Chancheng Economic and Science Bureau commented that this car fair has significantly promoted car sales and achieved a win-win situation for government media, car dealers and citizens. Next, Chancheng will continue to organize various consumption promotion events to further boost market confidence and stimulate domestic demand.

Reporter | Tang

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Photo | Foshan News and Midea Center