Foshan shines at China's biggest cultural industry fair
Foshan China 2023-06-09 17:02

China's top cultural fair, the 19th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF), kicked off in Shenzhen's Bao'an District on June 7 and will run until June 11, presenting new technologies, new modes and new achievements in the cultural industry.

In the ICIF, Foshan Pavilion is set up in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Hall, inviting nearly 20 cultural enterprises to join the event. Nearly 100 pieces of unique "Culture+" characteristic products of locality are showcased in the pavilion, indicating a new trend and prospects for the development of Foshan's cultural industry.

Foshan Pavilion is divided into five zones, including historical and cultural exhibition zone, intangible cultural heritage techniques exhibition zone, cultural industry exhibition zone, outdoor activity experience zone and cultural and creative interaction zone. It highlights Foshan's natural landscape and ecological environment as well as the achievements and development of its technological and cultural industries, showcasing the soft power of Foshan's cultural industry, while empowering cultural products with creativity.

The overall design of Foshan Pavilion features an orange ribbon structure surrounding the entire venue. The interior decoration incorporates elements such as Kungfu, Foshan's beautiful scenery and Foshan's modern manufacturing, highlighting the cultural heritage of the city.

In terms of today's new social trend of living outdoors, outdoor scenes about people's leisure and entertainment integrating natural landscape, green plants, modern home and other elements, such as boiling tea on the stove, are especially set up in the pavilion. They aim to create a superb interactive camping experience for visitors.

In the cultural and creative interactive zone, creative gift sets derived from typical agricultural products of Gaoming like arrowroots, gingers and tea are deeply loved by exhibitors. Exquisite packaging design makes the original simple local products transformed into unique cultural and creative souvenirs.

In the intangible cultural heritage techniques exhibition zone, there are not only intangible cultural heritage products such as lions resembling cigarette holder and monkey, but also an intangible cultural heritage craftsman carving the image of the Monkey King from Chinese ancient legend, enabling exhibitors experience the historical and cultural charm of Foshan and the spirit of craftsmen.

The cultural industry exhibition zone showcases the achievements of Foshan's cultural manufacturing industry, including digital glazed glass, intelligent lighting products, etc. In addition to static displays, Foshan Pavilion also provides an interactive sci-fi experience to visitors through the application of Midea’s first family service robot, Xiao Wei, as a tour guide who introduces the cultural history, industrial development and cultural tourism of Foshan.

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