Foshan Folk Art Exhibition awaits your visit
Foshan China 2023-07-12 15:26

From July 4 to 23, Foshan Folk Art Exhibition is held at Foshan Ancient Town Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall at Chancheng Museum. At the exhibition, a total of 68 masterpieces of Foshan colored lanterns, Copper-carved paper-cutting and festoon lion head, the intangible cultural heritage of Foshan, are displayed to showcase the innovative creations of Foshan folk art while preserving their traditional essence.

Paper-strapping lions, exquisite lanterns and golden paper-cuts, etc, these artworks highlight the unique beauty of Foshan's folk art, indicating exceptional attractiveness and artistic value with the craftsmanship, magnificence and vividness of all the exhibits.

Among them, the twelve zodiac lanterns, standing at over three meters tall, and the fish-like lanterns are adorably cute and vividly lifelike. As soon as you step into the exhibition hall, you will be captivated by these exquisite lanterns at a glance.

A total of 68 pieces of artworks are exhibited at this exhibition, including 31 pieces of paper-cutting, 3 pieces of paper-strapping lion heads, and 34 colored lanterns. Among all the exhibits, the Fish Scale Lantern created by Huang Hongyu, the inheritor of Foshan colored lantern intangible cultural heritage, once won the Silver Award at the 12th Guangdong Folk Arts and Crafts Exhibition. According to Huang, Qiuse Parade lantern making technique of Foshan, which involves complex craftsmanship, is specially applied in his work.

Apart from the lanterns made with traditional techniques, other exhibited lanterns highlight innovation combined with modern trends. For example, there are lanterns made with decorative paper favored by young people, lanterns shaped as miniature garden made with sequins, as well as cute lion lanterns with the application of traditional paper-strapping and paper-folding techniques.

Meanwhile, copper-carved paper-cutting works are also showcased on the second floor of the exhibition hall, among which, a pair of dragon and phoenix copper-carved paper-cuts stands out remarkably. Hollow-carving technique of Foshan paper-cutting is skillfully applied in addition to the copper-carving technique, making it delicate as silk, magnificent, and at the same time, giving a sense of transparency and ethereality.

Foshan is a historical and cultural city with a rich history and profound cultural heritage. It has nurtured traditional arts with locality and prosperous development, earning it the reputation as the "Capital of Folk Art." Paper strapping technique, Foshan colored lanterns, and copper-carved paper-cutting are art forms that have developed based on the folk culture of Guangdong. They are not only the epitome of Lingnan culture, but also showcasing the connotation of traditional Chinese culture. These art forms exhibit diverse craftsmanship, encompass a wide range of themes, feature splendid colors, and create strong decorative effects. They are highly regarded as folk art treasures in Lingnan region, reflecting rich cultural connotation and immeasurable artistic value.

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