First Shunde Overseas Cantonese Cuisine Promotion Association to be Established in Australia
Foshan China 2023-09-22 12:44

As Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, the Shunde cuisine event "Celebrating the Moon Festival with Hometown Delicacies" will be held in Sydney from September 24 to 25. Renowned Shunde chefs will showcase nine unique dishes, introducing the flavors of the "World's Capital of Gastronomy" to Australia. The event also marks the establishment of the first branch of the Shunde Overseas Cantonese Cuisine Cultural Promotion Association in Australia.

This is a new breakthrough for Shunde cuisine to go global. During the event, six renowned Shunde chefs will travel to Australia to demonstrate how to use local ingredients and Shunde culinary skills to create authentic dishes such as Shunde-style roasted goose and steamed fish.

Sourcing local ingredients is the practical approach to promote Shunde cuisine in Australia. For example, the traditional Jun'an roasted pig, has been modified to steamed pork in Australia. Li Yaosu, a fourth-generation successor, has been invited to showcase his culinary skills in making this dish.

The Shunde District Chef Association, in collaboration with the Australia Shunde Flavour Restaurant, will establish an overseas research and development center for Shunde cuisine. This center aims to facilitate communication and exchange between renowned Shunde chefs and overseas Shunde catering enterprises. It will further enhance Shunde's reputation as the "World Capital of Gastronomy" on the international stage.

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