The 7th China Ceramic Creative Week to kick off on October 20
Foshan China 2023-10-19 17:47

On October 17, the press conference of the 7th China Ceramic Creative Week and Meitao Bay Intellectual Property was held, announcing the holding of the 7th China Ceramic Creative Week from October 20 to October 26 in Foshan Meitao Bay Cultural and Innovative Industrial Cluster.

With the theme of "Towards Fashion & Heart - Let the Promising Future Comes", this year's creative week has designed its activities around three key perspectives, new orientation, new opinion, new fashion.

This creative week includes main activities of one opening ceremony, one international firewood creation camp, three academic forums, five ceramic-themed art exhibitions and one ceramic expo. Additionally, sub events like Nanfeng Fair, Manger Concert, Meitao Bay Musical Opera will be held. The creative week aims to jointly create a festival covering competition, forum, discussion, exhibition, sales, fair and music.

Highlights of the 7th China Ceramic Creative Week in 2023:

Culture-oriented to show the charm of Lingnan Culture

Grounding on the local ceramic culture in Shiwan Town, the creative week will arrange a cultural feast, presenting Shiwan and even Lingnan characteristics via modern orientation.

For instance, the event firstly introduces new technology like naked eye 3D and meta universe in the presentation.

Youth-oriented to encourage innovation

In addition to professionalism, it also highlights the engagements of young talents by arranging multiple design work exhibitions for undergraduate students. Meanwhile, the industrial result conversion base will be revealed at the opening ceremony, providing strong support for young talents.

Fashion-oriented to foster integration

It aims to turn Meitao Bay Intellectual Property "TAO" into a treading symbol of ceramic culture, fostering the integration with the market and industry, hence, creating a group of cultural brands.

As one of the key events, Foshan Ceramic Expo will arrange activities like camping festival, Cerambath Fun Show to further encourage integration between ceramic industry and other fields.

Experience-oriented to deliver joy

The 3th Nanfeng Fair will be held from October 20 to 22, with creative activities like musical intellectual property "Nanfeng Music" and stamp collection. Furthermore, there will be Manger Concert held by Ma Cao Waterfall in Nanfeng Ancient Kiln. It is believed to provide brand new cultural experience for citizens.

World-oriented to strengthen communication

Several activities including firewood creation camp, academic forums have invited global ceramic artists and scholars to attend, which will strengthen the culture exchange and communication.

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