A global endangered species spotted in Shunde
Foshan China 2022-10-26 16:47

On October 20, an endangered black-faced spoonbill was spotted by cameras at Foshan Modern Fishery Science and Technology Park, in Lecong Town, Shunde. 


The photos taken helped confirm the species, according to zoologists from Guangdong Academy of Sciences. The bird, found on the No. 12 pond, is covered in white feathers, with a black and flat mouth that resembles a spoon. As a a national key protected wild animal in China, the creature was seen for the first time in Foshan.



The black-faced spoonbill found at Foshan Modern Fishery Science and Technology Park


"Weve had an eye on the bird for a while. Its in good condition. Not afraid of people, he was just so busy catching the fish from the pond." said by the staff at the park, "Hes flew away by now. In fact, its last appearance at the park was on October 19", as mentioned by a local animal photographer.



Black-faced spoonbills have high demand for their habitat in terms of water quality, climate and ecological conditions. Lecong, with more improved water environment over the years, will hopefully become the ideal home to more rare species of birds next.


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