Kungfu Masters of Guangdong's Intangible Heritage Gathered in Foshan for a Spectacular Showcase
Foshan China 2024-06-10 12:19

On June 8, the "Lingnan Proud" exhibition of martial arts intangible heritage projects in Guangdong Province took place at the Guangdong Romance Park.

Eleven traditional martial arts styles from Guangdong were demonstrated in the plaza, among the crowds, and on stage, creating a grand "Martial Arts Gala."

Various martial arts forms were performed with powerful and dynamic movements. The demonstrations of swords, spears, and staffs were impressive, showcasing the essence of Guangdong martial arts in a vivid and captivating manner. These performances made the intangible heritage projects tangible and accessible to the audience.

Foshan: Wing Chun (Ip Man Lineage)

Guangzhou: Hung Ga (Wong Fei-hung Series)

Huizhou: Dragon Fist

Jieyang: Southern Branch Fist

Meizhou: Li Gar Gao's Fist (Xingning Lee Family Kungfu)

Jiangmen: Choy Lee Fut

Dongguan: Mok Gar Fist

Zhanjiang: Hung Gar (Zhanjiang Hung Gar)

Shenzhen: Mantis Fist (Shenzhen Shajing Mantis Fist)

Maoming: Wang Style Fist (Huazhou)

Shantou: Non-fist Boxing

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