Yanbu Underwear Expo kicks off in Nanhai, Foshan
Foshan China 2022-12-20 22:13

On December 18, the first Yanbu Underwear Expo organized by Nanhai Yanbu Underwear Association was unveiled at Nanhai International Exhibition and Convention Center.

Themed "Navigated by digital intelligence·Embraced by quality future", the expo has gathered 106 well-known underwear brands across China. The expo covers underwear fabrics, accessories, finished products, equipment, service providers, e-commerce platforms, etc. In addition, Amazon, SHEIN, DHgate and other famous cross-border e-commerce platform companies also turned up at the exhibition.

Underwear industry to gain momentum from e-commerce

In addition to gather design and purchasing resources, innovative service organizations like new retail, new media, training consulting were also debuted at the expo.

Meanwhile, the expo adopted "Forum+Boutique Exhibition+Online" innovated mode by combining short videos and livestream to create a multi-dimensional transmission industry expo.

In the era of channel diversification, rapid growth in livestream e-commerce and supply chain is providing more chances for companies' transformation and upgrade. The cross-border e-commerce selection matchmaking meeting held at this expo also explored a new way combining livestream and underwear industry.

Digital intelligent manufacturing empowers innovation

In a difficult economic climate, Yanbu underwear enterprises begin to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading in R&D design, product innovation, and digital construction.

Notably, Browzwear, a well-known global supplier of 3D digital solutions, brought a highly efficient and sustainable operation mode to the expo, enabling enterprises to put it into production and further enhancing the competitiveness of the entire industry.

Collaboration leads to sustained boom

As the earliest industrial cluster known as "Underwear Town of China", underwear industry has become the backbone of Dali town, exerting great importance in employment, commerce, economy, urbanization, etc.

Yanbu Underwear Expo is a comprehensive exhibition of Yanbu Underwear, which can not only help enterprises build up their images, but also promote the cooperation of the industry chain. It's a significant embodiment of the pillar industry of commerce and the carrier of exhibition.

Next, Dali underwear industry will further enhance digital transformation and expand new retail channels as an opportunity to stand out from domestic rivals.

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