First Foshan enterprise makes debut on Beijing Stock Exchange
Foshan China 2022-12-23 15:48

On December 20, Monte-Bianco rang the bell at the Beijing Stock Exchange to celebrate the start of it trading as a publicly listed enterprise, marking the first Foshan enterprise listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange. So far, 75 Foshan enterprises have been listed at home and abroad, including 52 domestic listed companies, ranking the first in Guangdong province.

Dedicated research of super-hard material applications

Monte-Bianco is a provincial specialized and sophisticated enterprise constantly dedicated to the research and development of super-hard material applications. As one of the leading enterprises in the industry of Chinese super-hard material applications, it ranks high in the global ceramic processing diamond tool segment.

As the upgrade of industry drives forward, super-hard material applications have arisen in many scenarios. In recent years, Monte-Bianco has developed a series of high-performance rare earth permanent magnet components according to various needs.

With its solid technical foundation and outstanding quality, Monte-Bianco not only won favor with the domestic enterprises, but also successfully expanded overseas market in 60 countries and regions.

Reserve forces continued to expand

The listing process of Monte-Bianco not only perfectly reflects the "Speed of the Beijing Stock Exchange", but also shows Foshan's increasingly solid support system and considerate services.

Since the startup of the Beijing Stock Exchange in September, 2021, Foshan Financial Work Bureau is actively seizing the opportunity to cultivate high-tech enterprises and "specialized and sophisticated" enterprises.

Next, Foshan will strive to promote local enterprises to establish a modern enterprise system, support large-scale share reform of high-quality enterprises, and help more enterprises to be listed smoothly. Furthermore, Foshan will also allocate more financial resources to those listed backup enterprises and continue to optimize the listing environment.

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