84 Teams Compete in Dragon Boat Races: Yayaodong Claims "Ligui Dragon King" Title
Foshan China 2024-06-05 10:19

On June 2, the 2024 Nanhai Super Dragon Boat League kicked off in Nanhai, Foshan. A total of 84 teams from Dali and Guicheng fiercely competed for the new "Dragon King" title.

Since its inception in 2012, the event has become an annual event, attracting nearly a hundred teams each year. This year, the event has attracted over 100,000 viewers online and offline, with more than 60,000 experiencing the event in person.

The competition features men's standard 23-person dragon boats, with a 300-meter round-trip race format. The event includes both preliminary and final stages, using four lanes and timed scoring. Additionally, five women's teams participated, adding to the excitement with their impressive performances.

As the starting gun fired, the dragon boats surged forward, resembling giant dragons skimming across the water. Spectators cheered enthusiastically from the banks. After intense races, the Yayao Dongchong Dragon Boat Team won the championship with a time of 1 minute 58 seconds, followed by the Hengjiang Community Team and the Yanbu Longchong Team in second and third places, respectively.

"We're thrilled to have performed so well and won the championship," said Deng Yongquan, coach of the Yayao Dongchong Dragon Boat Team. He attributed their success to the team's cohesive efforts and continual improvement over the years. Yayao Dongchong has participated in the event since its first edition, consistently raising their performance levels and enthusiasm, culminating in this year's victory.

Up next, Nanhai District will launch more dragon boat-themed events, including the "Birth of Dragon Mother" Festival in Huangqi and several dragon boat grand events. The Guicheng Dragon Boat Festival Cultural and Tourism Season will feature the Dajiao Dragon Boat Drifting Competition and the China Foshan WBC Professional Boxing Championship, aiming to develop a new cultural landscape and support the modernization of Nanhai.

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