Unveiling the Path to Intl Education: LEH School Headteacher's Journey in Sanlongwan
Foshan China 2024-05-10 16:11

In the vibrant setting of Sanlongwan Sci-tech City, Foshan, the Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) International School Foshan resonates with cheers as students joyfully engage in soccer matches on the sprawling campus grounds. Amidst this lively scene, Headteacher Jane Arden stands by her office window, quietly observing the children's spirited play.

Lady Eleanor Holles School (LEH), with its rich history as one of Britain's oldest girls' schools, established its inaugural overseas branch in Foshan in 2021. Jane Arden, an educator with over two decades of experience, assumed leadership of the school from its inception. Over the past three years, leveraging her expertise, she has propelled the school's growth and prominence, pioneering an innovative approach to international education in Sanlongwan Sci-tech City.

Cultivating Expertise, Exploring New International Education Paths

For Jane Arden, education embodies a fulfilling vocation, providing daily opportunities to connect with students and navigate the dynamic landscape of learning. Her journey began with academic pursuits at both Liverpool, John Moores University and Liverpool University where she was awarded a BA (Hons) in History, and a PGCE. Fueled by a passion for Chinese culture, she embarked on a career in China in 2017, drawn by the country's burgeoning international education sector.

Nurturing Excellence, Embracing Internationalism

At the helm of LEH Foshan, Jane Arden faced the challenge of swiftly establishing the school's reputation to facilitate enrollment. Through strategic efforts, the school's profile soared, attracting a diverse student body and exceeding initial enrollment projections. Jane Arden's commitment extended beyond recruitment, as she meticulously tailored teaching plans to nurture students' holistic development, emphasizing life skills alongside academic mastery.

As the only school in Guangdong Province to receive COBIS accreditation, LEH Foshan places great emphasis on a comprehensive home-school educational system. The school innovatively incorporates parent-child elements into its teaching activities, such as music concerts, outdoor barbecues, and simulated markets, creating spaces for children and parents to interact and bond. Additionally, the school regularly hosts parent open days, featuring relaxed and enjoyable tea parties, among other activities, to encourage parents to visit the school and actively engage in their children's learning. These events provide parents with a deeper understanding of student life on campus.

Embracing the Global Stage, Harnessing Sanlongwan Sci-tech City's Potential

The emergence of Sanlongwan Sci-tech City as an educational hub underscores the region's commitment to fostering a conducive environment for talent and innovation. LEH Foshan's presence adds a new dimension to the area's educational landscape, offering students unparalleled opportunities for international exposure and holistic development.

Jane Arden believes that Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City is a highly internationalized area in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. With its first-class business environment, it provides an international exchange environment for students. Here, students from different countries and regions meet, get to know each other, and grow together, which plays a significant role in fostering international perspectives and thinking for children's future development.

"Sanlongwan also boasts first-class natural surroundings, beautiful parks, shopping malls, and restaurants around the campus, providing ample space for students' activities outside of class," says Jane Arden. The excellent cultural and natural scenery of Sanlongwan provides the school with more options for outdoor activities. "Education is never confined to the desk. A beautiful environment allows children to have a colorful outdoor classroom."

According to Jane Arde, her two daughters have completed their high school education here. Her family really like Foshan and hopes to make it their second home in the future.

Regarding her and the school's future, Jane Arden sees them as an integrated whole. She hopes to continue teaching here in the future, striving to bring more elements of British culture to Sanlongwan. "There will be more students, more courses, and greater influence here," says Jane Arden, revealing that the school will introduce courses such as golf, establish its basketball team, and explore a development model that deeply shares resources with the community, making LEH Foshan increasingly renowned in the Greater Bay Area.

Looking ahead, Jane Arden remains steadfast in her dedication to advancing education in Sanlongwan Sci-tech City, with plans to expand the school's offerings and deepen community engagement. As sunlight bathes the campus, Jane Arden reflects on the school's journey, a testament to the transformative power of education and the boundless potential of the human spirit.


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