Breaking news! Amazing Girl is out!
Foshan China 2022-09-14 10:21

On September 12th, microfilm Amazing Girl, a story about Nanhai lion dance team, was released. In just one hour, there were over 20 thousand viewers on MicroBlog and tons of people were attracted by the lion dance culture.



The film is about the awakening of a girl taking on the lion dancing from her grandpa. Initially, little girl refuses to learn lion dance although she has the potential. As her grandpa is accidently injured, she then decides to substitute her grandpa in attending the lion dance competition. After countless practices, she gradually feels the passion and understands grandpa’s persistence. Eventually, her grandpa customized one pink lion, encouraging her to pass down this tradition.



The microfilm was shot in Nanhai, which is considered as the birthplace of lion dance. Not just one custom, it represents the spirit of persistence and thriving.



Nowadays, 33 villages and communities have their own lion dance teams. Additionally, Xiqiao has been both provincially and nationally qualified as the 2021-2023 Hometown of Lion Dance.



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