New Era in China丨Lisa: Surrounded with warmth and pass love to children
Foshan China 2022-11-01 16:50

Lisa, from Russia, has lived in Foshan for 12 years. She feels that China is a warm place where people are friendly, and she enjoys the relaxed pace of life here. She always remembered the first time that she tried Cantonese morning tea. The food, table manners, the way people are treated, etc, all was giving her a warm sense of ritual. Every time she goes back to Foshan, she has a sense of homecoming.

Passionate about Chinese culture, Lisa is in love with Chinese ceramics. She often pays a visit to ceramic scenic spots, discovering cultural stories behind ceramics. “Foshan people show great interest in their culture and strive to protect their cultural heritage,” said Lisa. She appreciates people’s awareness of preserving traditional culture in Foshan.


As a kindergarten teacher, Lisa is determined to carry forward the spirit of traditional culture and dedicated herself to protect the children.


Author | Linn

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