Foshan-made products made first appearance at Chongqing Expo
Foshan China 2023-04-13 14:45

From April 7 to 9, the 11th Chongqing International Cultural Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Expo") was held. Foshan debut at the Expo for the first time, with 21 representative companies presenting 153 cultural products, showcasing the rich Foshan culture to Chongqing people. The Expo has attracted nearly 100,000 visitors.

Products from Foshan were categorized in three sectors, Industrial Creativity, Lion Dance Culture and Camping Products. It’s notable that Midea Group, a well-known company from Foshan has showcased its creative home appliances at the Expo, conveying the happy life concept and emphasizing the significance of creativity in developing manufacturing industry.

In addition, the exhibition in Chongqing also featured 25 brand logos from the first batch of Foshan Home Furnishing Industry Alliance. Visitors were surprised that so many products they use actually come from Foshan, and Foshan-made products are truly everywhere.

Every visitor who stopped by the Foshan exhibition booth was intrigued by the products about lion dance culture. The exhibition showcased 86 products from six Foshan enterprises, all of which have been incorporated with traditional Foshan lion dance elements. There are various products on display, including clothing, stationery, ceramics, headphones, attracting a great number of visitors on the spot.

The camping product display area also attracted many Chongqing residents. Products including folding tables and chairs, survival warehouses, shoes and other outdoor products were on display. The Marketing Manager of Foshan local enterprise Feishikang, Zhuang Kaixin, said that Foshan is encouraging companies to showcase their products in other cities, for instance, attending different cultural and creative expos. Eventually, companies could seize more opportunities to expand the market.

In recent years, Foshan has vigorously promoted the innovative transformation and development of culture. "We place a great emphasis on the Chongqing market and look forward to promote brands and get new orders in Chongqing." Said the person in charge of the Industrial Development Department of the Foshan Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism, and Sports.

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