More Foshan enterprises to seek more opportunities at Canton Fair
Foshan China 2023-04-13 17:51

The Canton Fair, which has been suspended for several years due to the pandemic, will kick off in Guangzhou from April 15 to May 5. 513 Foshan-based enterprises will participate with over 1649 exhibition booths displaying a wide range of products including home appliances, toys, clothing, new energy vehicles, etc.

Product of Monalisa on display

Foshan-based companies are actively preparing for the upcoming Canton Fair, which is the largest trade fair in China. "With a focus on optimizing public environment, we are continuously improving the quality of products and introducing new designs that cater to customer needs. We will launch a new wind curtain machine at this year's Canton Fair," stated by a representative from Foshan Nanhai Nanyang Electric Appliance & Motor Co., Ltd. In addition, multiple top-notch technology products such as 3mm ultra-thin rock slabs from Monalisa Group and electric vehicles from Foshan Sanying Import and Export Co., Ltd. will also be unveiled at the Canton Fair.

Plastic products from enterprises in Gaoming 

"We attach great importance to this Canton Fair. We have developed many new products in the three sections of electric motors, electric heating and intelligent kitchen appliances, which will be launched at this year's Canton Fair," said Lu Kun, the General Manager of Guangdong BKW Electric Industry Co., Ltd. The company has 10 products in three different series to exhibit and has already scheduled appointments with almost 300 prospective foreign clients.

Zhu Baicheng, the manager in charge of the international marketing from Foshan Kangsida Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd., regards the Canton Fair as an excellent opportunity for global cooperation and market expansion.

"Currently, labor costs are rising, and we hope to expand our business in Southeast Asia and other regions by developing automated product lines in three categories, including kitchen appliances, automotive parts, and small household appliances," said Zhu Baicheng. He hopes to reach more customers through the exhibition and secure more orders. The company has even arranged shuttle buses to take clients to visit their factories.

Galanz brought more new technology products at the Canton Fair. (File photo)

Exhibitors from Foshan have upgraded their products and launched new ones to capture more attention at the Canton Fair. For instance, CRW Bathrooms has unveiled a top-quality fully enclosed jacuzzi for customers. Meanwhile, Tianjin New Materials, an eco-friendly and high-tech new material R&D company, will showcase several latest products such as net film material and wire-drawing mesh cloth, as well as inflatable leisure goods to attract more potential customers.

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