Foshan enterprises welcoming global buyers at Canton Fair 
Foshan China 2023-04-19 09:26

The Canton Fair, known as the "Barometer of China's Foreign Trade", officially opened on April 15. As the largest one in history, this year's Canton Fair has a total offline exhibition area of over 1.5 million square meters and the number of booths has increased to nearly 70,000, both reaching a record high.

Canton Fair has always been an important platform for Foshan enterprises to promote their brands and connect with domestic and foreign markets. 513 Foshan-based enterprises such as Midea and Galanz participated in this fair with 1649 booths in various commodity categories.

This year's Canton Fair for the first time unveiled the fourth phase new exhibition hall and added new special exhibition areas. Of the 1649 booths occupied by 513 Foshan enterprises, 500 are brand booths and 1149 are general booths. There are also about 60 leading enterprises including industry leaders, "specialized, sophisticated, distinctive and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises", champion of manufacturing industry, and national high-tech enterprises.

"We bring more than 30 washing machine products this time and hope to show domestic and foreign customers Midea's advanced green technology and our latest progress in environment protecting strategy," said Han Yanyun, head of the brand marketing department of Midea Group's washing machine division.

This year's Canton Fair is being held simultaneously online and offline in three phases from April 15 to May 5. In the venue, Foshan's booths displaying home appliances, ceramics, building materials are on the spotlights. Well-prepared Foshan companies introduced their products to prospective buyers in a professional and enthusiastic manner, and visitors couldn’t resist taking photos to document the moment.

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